I love that wedding invitations can not only give you the details of the big event, but they can also tell a little love story. These invitations map out the journey that each couple took towards love…

The paper airplanes throughout the wedding symbolize Christina
(who designed and letterpressed the invitations) and William’s 7-year
long distance relationship and love letters flying back and forth.

Found on Etsy

Found on Minted

Designed by: The groom himself, Matt Dorfman

Designed by: Beacon Lane

Created by: Something Blue



I love it when couples incorporate their love of travel into their wedding invitations. Check out these clever and creative destination invites and save the dates…

Created by: Momental Designs

Created by:  Nicole Parker King

Created by: Diane Faye

Created by: Ceci New York

Created by: Digby and Rose

Created by: Dick and Jane Letterpress Co.

Created by: Smokeproof Press




I’m a big fan of keeping everything nice and neat. That’s why I LOVE belly bands! “What’s that?” you might ask. Well, it’s a wrap (typically made of paper or ribbon) that goes around your invitations to keep everything held together. I design these a lot for my brides. Plus, it can act as a nice little piece of flair. Check out some of my previous invites that feature the illusive belly band…

And here are a few others that I’ve found and loved…

Designed by: Scott Peiffer

Design and Letterpress Printing: Gus & Ruby Letterpress

Designed by: Melinda and Dave of Lion in the Sun

Designed by: Melissa and Amy from Atheneum Creative

Designed by: Molly Jacques



These super cute invitations take me back to high school. You know, back when we used to hand write notes – not text them! :)

Found on: Elum

Found on: LetterBoxInk

Found on: Gus & Ruby Letterpress



I’m probably one of the most bias people on earth in regards to this subject. Should you send out your wedding invitations via the internet? NO! I know it may sound like a good idea, but it can cause more trouble than it’s worth. Just listen to what my etiquette bible (Emily Post’s Etiquette, 18th Edition) has to say on the subject…

They sound so practical, thrifty and green–and they are. If those were the only criteria for sending electronic wedding invitations, they’d be used by more couples. If you’re intriqued by the concept, consider these points:

  • Do all your guests use email and check it regularly? This may be the case for your younger guests, but not for yout Great-Aunt Sadie. Some services also require Internet access to view and respond to the invitation. You may end up having to print some invitations and mail them, which could cut down on the convenience factor.
  • Will it get delivered? While posted snail mail has been known to go astray, emails can fall victim to misspelled addresses and spam blockers.
  • Is it personal and special enough? A wedding invitation is one of the most personal invitations issued, and an electronic version may not convey that sentiment. Its ephemeral nature doesn’t give it keepsake status.
  • Will it make responding easier or more timely? Not necessarily. The good guest will respond right away, no matter how the invitation is issued. Butt for the rest of the world, unless you set up reminders (and don’t set them for two days before the wedding!)  once the email notice falls below the screen, it may be out of sight, out of mind. Follow-up phone calls are likely.



One of my favorite wedding trends is including an illustration of the bride and groom on the invitations. It really doesn’t get more personalized than that! Check out these adorable invitations featuring the happy couples!

Designed by: Josh Wangrud
Custom illustration by: Merilee of Tuesday Mourning

Designed by: Sara from Stinkerpants
Hand lettering: Lettergirl

Designed by: Valentina from CUTandPASTE

Designed by: Anna from Rifle Paper Co.

Designed by: Kathleen



As some of you may know, back in the day, invitations were generally engraved in black ink on white paper…

Found on:  Crane & Co.

Oh, the times they are a changin’! The color spectrum on invitations has expanded exponentially. Not to mention that I used to think that you had to stick to 2, maybe 3, colors for your wedding, but these exquisite invitations have proved me wrong!

Found on:  Hitched

Invitations by:  Printable Girl

Found on: OneWed

Found on: Anthologie Press

Found on: Magpie Paper Works

Created by: Lauren at The Creative Parasol

Found on:  BerinMade

Designed by: Katie Fischer Design

Created by: Night Owl Paper Goods



A lot of couples are going back to nature with their wedding invitations. Incorporating an earthy element has become a fashionable trend. Check out these fabulous wedding invitations I found on Oh So Beautiful Paper.

Designed By: Amy of Saint Gertrude Design and Letterpress
Photos By: Structured Pieces 

Created and Photographed By: Christine and Ian

 Created By: Fourth Year Studio
Photos By: Chris Melander

Designed By: Alicia at Akimbo
Photos By: Akimbo 

Created By: Michael Casebolt of Casebolt Design + Illustration
Printed By:  Mama’s Sauce 
Photos By: Michael Casebolt 



It’s not something that a lot of couples choose, but die cut invitations can definitely set your invites appart from all others. It’s that special touch that can make good invitations great invitations!

Check out these examples that I found on Invitation Crush.

Created by:  Honey Bee Invites

Created by: Dauphine Press

Created by: Smitten on Paper

And I had to share this super cute invite suite I found on Spark.



I am in love with these Palm Springs inspired wedding invitations designed by Arley-Rose and Morgan of  Ladyfingers Letterpress. Not only are the colors beautiful together…

…but the die cut layers give this invitation set a fantastic desert landscape feel.