About Me

Hello! My name is Jackie Bilskie, creator of TEN:THIRTEEN design. If it wasn’t obvious, I love being creative. In fact, I thrive on it. I graduated from Ball State University with a BFA in Graphic Design. When I wasn’t working on art projects, I was scrapbooking, making jewelry, listening to music, watching movies or hanging out with my friends and sorority sisters.

Two days after graduation, I began my first job at a small print shop in downtown Indianapolis. This is where my education of print actually took place. Learning the ins and outs of what happened after a piece was designed was eye opening! My position taught me how to design based on a client’s needs and wants as well as their budget. This came to be a tremendous help when one of my sorority sisters asked me to design her wedding invitations on a fixed budget. Of course, I accepted the challenge and the rest is history!

About TEN:THIRTEEN design

TEN:THIRTEEN design is a one-woman company dedicated to creating custom stationery, announcements and correspondence. Many of my clients have asked where the name of my company came from. For me, it was a simple decision, 10/13 = October 13, my wedding date and the single most wonderful day of my life.

If you have a vision of what your wedding day will look like, tell me, and I will help you create the wedding stationery to match. Each item will be uniquely designed to meet your expectations. I will assemble every piece from scratch. Papers will be hand selected, ribbons hand-tied with care, glued, cut, you name it. With strict attention to detail, I will make sure each invitation is unique and personalized just for you.

Have a design need? Lets talk! Contact me today for a free consultation!