I often get this question whenever a couple has asked me to create their rehearsal dinner invitations. I usually tell them, “It’s your rehearsal dinner. So ultimately, it’s up to you.” However, the Emily Post blog, Etiquette Daily, explains it much better than I!

Q: In general, what is the rule of thumb when extending invitations to a rehearsal dinner prior to a wedding?

A: We assume you mean who should be invited to the rehearsal dinner. If this is the case, guests at the rehearsal dinner include parents and grandparents of the bride and groom, siblings of the bride and groom, members of the wedding party, the officiant, and the spouses/fiances/fiancees/significant others of each of those guests. There is no reason to invite out of town guests unless space and finances permit and you desire to invite them – the rehearsal dinner is really the time for immediate family members and members of the bridal party to share special moments before the flurry of the wedding. Making the guest list too big detracts from this closeness. There is no need to invite a date for any single persons – but it is expected that significant others be invited. It also can be difficult to include aunts, uncles, cousins, etc. because there can be a huge number of them. It is up to you whether godparents or a very close aunt and uncle are invited.



One of my favorite wedding stationery trends is the incorporation of fabric and sewing. Thanks to Ms. Messmer’s Home Economics class (circa 1995), I love sewing! So of course, I’m going to thoroughly enjoy this creative combination. I was lucky enough to utilize my skills with a wedding I did last year (thanks Beth). We incorporated the fabric from the bridesmaid dresses into the closure that wrapped around each invitation.

Here are a few other samples that I found on one of my favorite blogs, Oh So Beautiful Paper

Photo by: Weddings by Sasha Gulish,
Ceremony Program by: The Detailed Event via Martha Stewart Weddings

Cross Stitch Cards by: Leobella Boutique

Ceremony Program by: papercraft

Photo by: Sarah Vaughan Photography via Wedding Obsession

Photo by: Julie Mikos, Menu by: Mira Aster via Style Me Pretty



I don’t know about you, but every now and then I hear a bride tell me what her wedding colors are and I think, “WHAT?” But it’s only after I’ve seen the colors together that I realize how beautifully they complement each other. Here are a handfull of my very favorite vintage wedding color combos.



Love these western inspired wedding invites I found on Oh So Beautiful Paper.

Created By: Samantha and Whitney at Gus & Ruby Letterpress
Photos By: Brea McDonald Photography

Designed, Printing and Photos By: Richele from Richie Designs
Illustration By: Serena Chang


Designed and Photographed By: Kristy Rice from Momental Designs



When I was a child, my parents took me to Disneyland all the time. Most kids would want hats or candy or toys as souvenirs, but what did I want? That old-timey silhouette drawing! Remember these…

Now I feel as though I’ve come full-circle! Check out these stunning silhouette infused wedding invitations I found on Oh So Beautiful Paper! LOVE LOVE LOVE THEM!!!!

Photos, Hand Lettering and Design By: Molly Jacques
Website Programming By: Max La Riviere-Hedrick from Futurpruf

Concept and Design: Jordan Eakin
Letterpress Printing: Shed Letterpress
Photo Credits: Jordan Eakin

Designed By: Cate from Simple Matters 
Photos By: Simple Matters 

Designed By: Paul
Letterpress and Photos By: Colleen from Craft Lovely

Designed By: Kate at  Chellé Paperie and husband, Ben
Photos By: Chellé Paperie



I love when couples incorporate a little hometown love when choosing/designing their wedding invitations. Not only does it make for a great “theme,” but it also adds that personal touch. Check out these lovely local inspired invites… Enjoy!

Beantown (Boston)

Boston Invite
Boston Details Card
Boston RSVP
Boston ProgramDesign and Letterpress Printing By: Gus & Ruby Letterpress
Photos By: Brea McDonald Photography for Gus & Ruby Letterpress
Featured On: Oh So Beautiful Paper

The City by the Bay (San Fancisco)

Designed and Photographed By: Sara Olsher | Stinkerpants
Hand Lettering By: Lettergirl

 Featured On: Oh So Beautiful Paper

The Big Apple (New York City)

Brooklyn Bridge Invite
Brooklyn Bridge InviteDesigned By: Oh Joy!
Photo By: Karen Wise
 Featured On: Oh So Beautiful Paper



For any of you who think that letterpress invitations are way out of your budget, I’m here to tell you that you’re in luck! Currently, all of my designs are on sale over at Jupiter and Juno! Get them while you can because the sale won’t last forever.

Here’s my newest creation…the Dara suite. If you’re interested in purchasing any of these, simply click here.



Another simple, yet elegant invitation I created for Jupiter and Juno. I love the envelope colors that the couple chose! Really made the invites pop! If you’re interested in purchasing this suite, simply click here.

Marie Suite
Maria Suite
Maria Suite
A7 invitation, A2 response card
Paper: 110 lb (300 gsm) Crane Pearl White
Ink Colors: Coral, Dark Grey
Press: Circa 1950 Heidelberg Windmill
Printer: Jupiter and Juno
Photo By: Jessika Feltz Photography 



I’ve noticed so many couples choosing to incorporate grey into their color schemes. This may sound drab and dark, but it’s quite the contrary! Check out some of these stunning grey infused wedding invites!

Designed By: Molly at Paisley Quill
Photo By: Paisley Quill

Designed By: Sarah from Studio SloMo
Photos By: Studio SloMo

 Designed By: Aaron Leshtz
 Photo By: Aaron Young Photography

Designed By: Jackie at 42 Pressed
Photo By: 42 Pressed 

Designed By: Courtney from Sideshow Press
 Photos By: Sideshow Press

Designed By: Wiley Valentine
Photo By: Wiley Valentine 

Design and Concept: Kate Gabriel
Letterpress Printing: Evolutionary Press
Photo Credits: Kate Gabriel | Wit + Delight



I know the Olympics just wrapped up last night, but I couldn’t resist sharing these amazing invitations I found on Invitation Crush. To see the entire post, be sure to check out their blog by clicking here.

Jo Summers (concept), The Marketing Arm (agency),
Danielle McLelland (designer) and Jarvis Press (printer).