Well, I suppose it’s about time to make this bittersweet announcement…

Due to the fact that I am a whopping 36 weeks prego…I’ve decided not to take on any new clients for the spring or summer of 2012 (and perhaps through the entire year). Since TEN:THIRTEEN design is a one woman¬†operation, I’m afraid that I just wouldn’t have the time to devote to my clients. Being a first time mom, I have no idea what’s in store for me, but I do know that I will want to spend as much time with my new bundle of joy as I possibly can.

I will still attempt to blog from time to time (and keep you all updated). I don’t think that my love of being crafty and obsessed with stationery will cease simply because I have a baby! I just need to assess my time and priorities and go from there!

I’ve had so many bride requests lately, and have unfortunately had to turn them all away. So, if you’re a bride looking for someone to help you with your wedding stationery, I would recommend contacting¬†Designs by Victoria¬†(317.896.1060), Westwood Paper Company (westwoodpaper.com) or Oliver’s Twist (www.oliverstwistllc.com). They may be able to assist you with your wedding stationery.
And of course, thanks to all of you who have been so supportive through all of this! You know who you are!!!

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