Here’s a happy little post for Friday!!!

One of my lovely former brides, Heidi, asked if I could help her out with designing birth announcements for her new little bundle of joy. Of course, (since I’ve got baby on the brain myself) I happily accepted! Baby Farrar’s gender was going to be a surprise, so I created both a set of pink and blue invitations. Once little Ethan was born, we joyfully went ahead with the blue. In keeping with Heidi’s beautifully decorated nursery, we chose to use a cute little owl icon. The rest she left up to me!

Thanks to Alison and Travis, over at Bowerstock Photographers, I have a few photos of how the announcements turned out! The talented duo also photographed Heidi’s maternity photos as well as the adorable pic of little Ethan featured in the announcement.

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