For those of you who know me, you will agree that I have some major annal retentive tendencies! For example, all of my DVDs and CDs are in alphabetical order and my clothes are hung up by color. So when I entered this store, I nearly died and went to heaven! Charming Charlie not only has a fabulous selection of jewelry, purses, shoes, dresses, etc….but everything is color coordinated!!!! There’s a blue table and purple table and red, green, brown, black, orange…and the list goes on!

Last night I visited the newly opened location at The Hamilton Center (also located in Clay Terrace) and snapped a few photos of the store. Not entirely sure if this is legal or whatever, but hey, I figured they’re getting a little free advertising…so it’s a win win for everyone! Oh, and of course, these photos don’t do the store justice. You’ll just have to pop on by to check it out.

One thought on “Charming Charlie

  1. Leslie Jones says:

    That is just awesome Jackie…I’m gonna check it out!!

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