For those of you who know me, you will agree that I have some major annal retentive tendencies! For example, all of my DVDs and CDs are in alphabetical order and my clothes are hung up by color. So when I entered this store, I nearly died and went to heaven! Charming Charlie not only has a fabulous selection of jewelry, purses, shoes, dresses, etc….but everything is color coordinated!!!! There’s a blue table and purple table and red, green, brown, black, orange…and the list goes on!

Last night I visited the newly opened location at The Hamilton Center (also located in Clay Terrace) and snapped a few photos of the store. Not entirely sure if this is legal or whatever, but hey, I figured they’re getting a little free advertising…so it’s a win win for everyone! Oh, and of course, these photos don’t do the store justice. You’ll just have to pop on by to check it out.



These aren’t your mother’s wedding invitations! They’re fun, festive and whimsical! Just another way for you to make your invitations unique. Check out these adorably clever invites!

Created by Mama’s SauceCreated by Kymera Studio

Created by Chris­tine and Ian

Created by Us + Them

Created by Sara from Stinker­pants

Created by Kelli Anderson

Created by Thoughtful Day

Created by Indigo BuntingCreated by Dog and Pony Show Prints



So, once again, Pinterest has led me to a new (and awesome) website, Sarah Hearts Design Studio. She posts a lot of DIY tutorials, which I love, but she also features some lovely color combinations. I figured I’d continue on from Monday’s post. Here are a few from her site that I absolutely loved. Hopefully you’ll find one or two inspiring!















Happy Monday!!!!!

You probably guessed it…My latest post was inspired by Pinterest (gee, you’d think I was obsessed or something). Anyway, I had noticed these lovely color combinations popping up from time to time and decided to visit the website that they were being pinned from. Turns out I’m now in love with this site as well (and for all of you curious folks out there, it’s Photo Card Boutique). I thought this might inspire a few of you to choose some exciting new color combinations for your upcoming weddings (or anything really – baby’s room, home renovation, etc). Here are some of my favorites!



You know me….just playing around on Pinterest and thought of another great idea for a post….Extravagant wedding cakes! Not only are they beautiful to look at, they’re finger lickin’ good!

To see all of the cakes and treats on my Pinterest board, just click here.



I was hunting around Pinterest and found a stunning wedding reception photo. I love how Pinterest works because all I had to do was click on the photo and I was magically transported to the original blog that the image came from (Elizabeth Anne Designs)! I just had to share this with all of you.

The following Nashville wedding vendors contributed to this inspirational photo shoot:

Venue, design, styling + florals – Cedarwood Weddings
Photography – Kristyn Hogan
Stationery – Designs in Paper
Cake – Patty Cakes

For more Nashville wedding inspiration, visit the Nashville local wedding guide!



I found this cute/interesting wedding info-graphic on Pinterest and thought it was worth a share! Simply click here to see a larger view.



It’s been two weeks since my last photo update. As you can tell, I’m a big fan of that maternity shirt (same one from last photo). I can definitely tell that our little lady is “movin’ on up.” I’m starting to carry her a bit higher.

In the past couple of weeks, we’ve hit several exciting mile stones. First, Matt and I purchased Little Lady Bilskie’s crib (and just picked it up a couple days ago). Matt also was able to feel her kick. It was probably one of the cutest things I’ve ever seen. His eyes lit up in amazement! Had to snap a few mental photos of that look! We also finalized the wall colors as well as the fabric that I’ll be using to create the nursery bedding. Not only that, last weekend, my mother and I registered for all our fun new baby necessities. Quite overwhelming, but fun none the less. And last but not least, I’ve hit the 6 month mark (well, 24 weeks and 2 days)! I can hardly believe it myself, but she’s going to be here before we know it. Lots more to do…and I’ll be sure to keep you all posted along the way!



I know this is mainly a bridal blog, but if you look at the grand scheme of things…babies are the next natural step! So, despite the fact that this post has nothing to do with weddings, it has everything to do with babies! If you’re like me (pregnant and extremely overwhelmed), then this post may actually be beneficial to you! Of course, if you were hoping for some cute wedding ideas, I would recommend checking back in a day or two… 😉

Now for those of you who need a little brush up on your junior high science, here are the steps for the “famous” scientific method:

  1. Ask a Question
  2. Do Background Research
  3. Construct a Hypothesis
  4. Test Your Hypothesis by Doing an Experiment
  5. Analyze Your Data and Draw a Conclusion
  6. Communicate Your Results
Here’s where my science experiment kicked off….
  1. Which diaper is better, Huggies or Pampers?
  2. While registering for baby gifts with my mom last weekend, I noticed that Babies-R-Us promoted Pampers while Target promoted Huggies. From what I’ve heard, they’re both pretty standard diapers. Of course, you’ll have plenty of moms that say one is better than the other. So who to believe?
  3. I ended up registering for Pampers, thinking that they were the better diaper.
  4. Once I finally had time to go through my goodie bags from Babies-R-Us and Target, I realized that they had both given me a sample diaper. My mom had this brilliant idea to test which one was better. Thus the science experiment commenced!
  5. Right away there was an obvious difference between the two! Within seconds, the Huggies diaper began absorbing the 1/2 of liquid that we poured into it. Where as the Pampers slowly began to absorb and eventually stopped leaving a large puddle.
  6. In order to fully explain the results, we took photos of the two samples. Also, please don’t worry, we used ice tea….I swear, it’s not the real thing (even though it looks grossly similar).
So, in conclusion, I went back to adjust my registry…I’m officially a “Huggies Mom!”



Thanks to my new favorite thing in the whole world (wide web), Pinterest, I’ve gathered a stunning collection of gorgeous bouquets. If you’re anything like me, you don’t necessarily know the first thing about flower, but you know you like them when you see them. When it came time for me to work on the flowers for my wedding, I didn’t have a clue what I wanted. So, I went online and printed out a bunch of photos of things I liked. Well, thanks to Pinterest, you can now gather all those photos and have them saved to one of your boards! LOVE LOVE LOVE Pinterest…. as if you didn’t get the point. So, enjoy!!!

And for those of you who aren’t really into flowers,
here are a few creative options!