For all you brides-to-be who like to be on top of things… you may want to hold off on buying the stamps for your wedding invitations! As of Sunday, April 17th, the rate of postage is going up.

So, here’s my advice…. If you’ve got your invitations ready to mail, go ahead and buy your stamps now. Just be sure to mail them out by this Saturday. If you’ve got a little while before your invites are ready to go out, HOLD OFF! No need to spend all that money on those pretty stamps only to find out that you’ve got to add a $.02 or $.01 stamp on to your envelope!

In case you were curious what new options are out there for you, here are some of the more common stamps that I buy for my brides…

The new standard postage for wedding invitations will be $.64.
Below are a couple options for you.

If you happen to be sending out a response postcard,
this is the only $.29 stamp that the Post Office offers.

If you happen to have an undersized or fairly light wedding invitation,
you can use one of these $.44 stamps.
I sometimes have brides that are not a fan of the
postcard postage who opt for these stamps as well.


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