So, I rarely do this, but I’m blogging about something non-wedding related!

Most of you know, I work at Butler University as one of their graphic designers. However, what you may not know is that I am the lucky individual who gets to work with Butler Athletics as well as Butler’s very own Blue II. It’s been a blast working with these two clients this year! For any of you that went to some of our regular season games at Hinkle, you may have picked up one of the poster/programs that I worked on.

Well, the men’s basketball team as well as Blue II have been in the lime light a lot these past few weeks. So my idea was to share my Butler pride with all of you.

I recently made some Blue II masks (since our furry mascot wasn’t allowed at any of the games) and had people print them off and sport them during the games. Each new game location gave us inspiration for the masks themselves. I also created several¬†tournament¬†posters throughout our journey to the Final Four…

I invite you all to visit¬†Butler’s website and download the masks and posters for yourself. Show a little home town pride! And of course…LET’S GO DAWGS!!!


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