I’ve been coming across quite a few blogs that feature this up and coming trend – vintage brooch bouquets. Now, I know it’s not for everyone, but it’s definitely something different and a keepsake that you will always have from your wedding day. I’ve done some searching and found this post on the Green Wedding Shoes blog….

I’ve been coming across quite a few brides lately who have made their own vintage brooch bouquet or purchased one. I love this idea since you can incorporate family brooches into your bouquet. Maybe your grandmother has some she would be willing to lend/give you. I know when my grandmother passed away a few years ago, she left all the grandchildren some of her brooches and I’ve been wondering what to do with them – this would have been such a great idea! I also heard from another bride that she asked all her friends + family to each send her a brooch. She then took all the brooches they sent and created her own bouquet from them. The day of her wedding everyone could see their piece in her bouquet – so sweet! You could also check out thrift stores or ebay to find some to match your color palette.

I really loved how Britt’s mother also incorporated feathers into her’s
as seen in the wedding I shared this morning by the Last Forty Percent Photography.

Gorgeous bouquet + bride from this stunning wedding
photographed below by Jonathan Canlas.

Loving the bright colors in this bride’s bouquet
captured by Brenton Salo Photography.

This lovely bride made her bouquet all from
her grandmother’s jewerly, photos by Flutter Glass.

More gorgeous bouquets…

Photos above by Green Apple Photography,
Paige Newton, and Tina Sargeant.

There are also some designers out there who will create one of these pieces of art for you! Amanda at Fantasy Floral Designs credits herself as the original creater of the brooch boquet and she can create one of her lovely bouquets for you.

I’m also totally in love with the whimsical beauty
of the bouquets created by Noaki Jewelry.


One thought on “Wedding Trend: Vintage Brooch Bouquets

  1. amanda heer says:

    Yes it has been 11 yrs since I made the first brooch bouquet for my own wedding.
    Shot for Romantic homes in 2005. then I sent her out on a photo shoot after a long wedding weekend I did not have the energy to produce another fresh flower bouquet.
    Low an behold the Editor for In Style weddings fell head over heals for it and gave her a Full Page spread in 2009
    and the Brooch Bouquet took on a life of her own..
    Such an honor to be an inspiration for Brides and designers all over the world.
    Just came up with some New exciting ones I have yet to take photo’s of
    not sure how they could get any better but they have
    Thank you for sharing

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