As some of you may know, this past weekend was the Perfect Wedding Guide bridal show at the Scottish Rite Cathedral. There was an amazing turnout of new brides-to-be! My booth was up on the second floor…. right next to Sweeties!

I had heard the name before and knew that they served cupcakes and other yummy treats. However, it wasn’t until sitting right next to their amazing cakes, cookies, candies…. that I realized how much they offered. Brides were crowded around their booth hoping to score a piece of wedding cake, cheese cake and (my most favorite) cake pops (literally – cake on a stick) among other things.

Unfortunately, I’m currently on a very strict diet and some how managed to resist the temptation to eat everything in sight! But I could tell by all the satisfied faces that everything was absolutely delicious!

Here are a few photos of some of their tasty treats! To learn more about Sweeties, click here to visit their website.

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