The Cash Bar Issue

Yes, weddings are expensive. Yes, couples should be on the lookout for budget saving tips. Yes, weddings are expensive – I know.

Proper etiquette says that under no circumstances should you ever consider hosting a cash bar at your reception. Of course, sometimes you just have to do what you have to do. So, if a full bar is not within your budget, consider these alternatives:

  • Host a soft bar, in which guests can order champagne, beer and wine – or offer both a soft bar and cash bar (that’s what we did for our wedding).
  • Find a reception site that allows you to bring in your own alcohol; you will save serious cash, and anything unopened can be returned for a full refund.
  • Cut down the size of your guest list – the only significant way to reduce costs in the first place.

Information found on eleGala.com.

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