Gift-giving Etiquette

Yes, everyone likes to get gifts, and weddings are a perfect occasion for gift-giving. Friends and loved ones customarily honor the commitment of the newly betrothed by showering them with gifts. As the happy couple, just remember to always feel privileged—not entitled. Here’s some useful wedding gift etiquette advice:

  • Do not print registry information on the invitation. (Honestly, I have a lot of couples do this. Some find it much easier to directly inform the guests rather than having them seek out the info themselves.)
  • Do publicize your registry information by word of mouth.
  • Don’t explicitly request cash gifts; your close friends or family numbers can inform guests of your preferences if asked.
  • Do return all gifts – even shower and engagement gifts – if the wedding is called off (so don’t be tempted to use any gifts until after the wedding!).
  • Do respond to each gift with a personal hand-written thank you note within two weeks of receiving the gift (or within 2 weeks of returning from your honeymoon).
  • There is no special formula for determining the appropriate amount a guest should spend on a gift. The idea that each gift should cost as much as one plate at the reception is an impractical misconception.

Information found on eleGala.com.

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