As some of you may be noticing, custom M&Ms have become a huge wedding favor trend. In fact, that’s what we gave our guests. So, speaking from experience, it’s a great tasty treat.

…With that said, we nearly had a catastrophe involving our M&Ms. So, after all this time – it hit me, I need to share this story with all of you in hopes that you won’t make the same mistake that I did….

I, being the plan-ahead type-of-girl that I am, ordered our custom M&Ms well in advance of the “big day.” The only problem with that is that shortly after I ordered them, our air conditioner went out. My dilemma, where do I put 10 pounds of chocolate so that it wont melt? So, I went out and bought several large plastic containers and emptied the M&Ms into them, then put them in our refrigerator.

Here’s where things took a turn for the worst. When I took them out of the refrigerator, I noticed that each individual M&M was covered in condensation. Had I paid a little more attention in science class, I would have realized this would occur… As soon as I went to wipe the condensation off of a couple pieces, our personalized note (Matt & Jackie/October 13, 2007) wiped right off! My heart sank! What was I going to do with all of these M&Ms?

So, I put on my plastic gloves (because no one wants to eat candy that you’ve rolled around in your hands), and put down several towels. One by one, I laid out each M&M with love and care. Letting each one air dry without being touched. Because had I let them air dry in the bins, they would have stuck to each other. We probably lost about 2 pounds of M&Ms in the process, but in the end, we had enough. Thank goodness I ordered extras!!!

Once dry, I wrapped a majority of them up as favors and threw the rest in a few large bowls. Of course, no one knew the difference, but I did… Which is why I’m sharing this story with you.

Lessons to be learned:
1. Do not put your M&Ms in the refrigerator.
2. Pay attention in Science class!

Our Custom M&Ms

Photo by Brand Photodesign

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