I am constantly on the search for new and entertaining blogs. However, my interests are some what different than your typical 27 year old woman. I love paper – stationery – and all things creative!

I was doing my daily search and stumbled upon The Dingbat’s Agenda. After reading a few posts I realized that the woman behind the blog was a 28 year old with a passion for paper – stationery –  all things creative… and letterpress too! Whoa – weird!

It’s kind of like when you’re stopped at an intersection waiting for the light to turn green and you look over at the car next to you only to find that person looks exactly like you – they’re even driving the same car as you. Then they drive off and you don’t really know anything about them, but you feel some sort of odd connection. Okay, I know that’s an weird way to say it, but it just came to me.

There have been so many times when I thought I should just give up on this adventure (also known as TEN:THIRTEEN design), but for some reason, I’ve held on. It’s not like I’m doing it for the money because, I promise you, it’s not a lucrative profession. I just love it – everything about it. From meeting with new brides-to-be or expecting mothers, to creating the perfect design to fit the occasion. I JUST LOVE IT. So when I found this site, and Adrienne, it felt like she knew what I was feeling – and she doesn’t even know me. But she’s been there and she’s done that and she’s made it work. Not only did I find my new favorite blog, but also a bit of inspiration!

Thanks Adrienne!!!

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